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Find the perfect book to read with your toddler from our list of top picks below. They cover a range of topics including managing emotions, the lives of historical figures and  stories of determination. Take a look below to find your next great read together.

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"I can’t believe I haven’t rounded up our favorite picture books about feelings yet. Well this is certainly one of them. Let me know - do you have a favorite picture book about feelings? Learning about feelings and putting names to them is so important for lots of reasons - including building empathy, gaining control, and feeling legitimized and understood.

What a Feeling!: The ABCs for Emotions was shared with us by the author - and it turned out to be a very good fit for us. I just so happen to have a little girl who is working on her letters and reading - and she just so happens to also have quite big emotions! It’s a real two birds one stone situation. And 26 emotions means we’re getting into a wider variety of emotions than we see in most other picture books like this.

Reading this one together and talking about if we’ve felt the feelings before is really great. I particularly love how well negative emotions are described - and how there isn’t an attempt to offer solutions or demonize the feeling. It simply is - and that’s great for empathy."


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